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Flux Therapy

Thawing Trauma Through Therapy

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- Have you ever found yourself trapped, possibly disliking who you have become and feeling others blaming you too?

- Have you found that you haven’t reached your full potential and you're not where you expected yourself to be in your life?

- Do you ever feel disappointed in yourself?


We can work together to help you understand how you came to be the person that you are today, and how to make positive changes in your life. Through our work together we will start to bring awareness to your emotions, thought processes, and behaviours – which will enable you to design ways to manage your life.

In our sessions I tend to work flexibly, drawing on a range of specialisms to relationally explore what makes you, you. We collaborate together at your pace to help you manage what you have been experiencing, and then work together to help you take back control. My passion is to support people to make sense of what they are experiencing, and become free.

I’ve been supporting people just like yourself for over a decade to make positive sustained changes. By coming here, you’ve already taken some really positive and often brave steps- I would encourage you to continue that journey, by either giving me a call or sending me an email for a free discussion. I can discuss concession for those in financial hardship.


Psychotherapy; Trauma; depression; anxiety  


I established Flux psychotherapy in 2019, which has two main services ‘psychotherapy sessions' & ‘consultancy and training’.


I have been supporting people for over a decade 1:1 in a range of settings including therapeutic fostering, which is where my psychotherapy training began. I have a huge passion for psychotherapy, as I can see how healing, freeing, and transforming it can be for people.


I continue to work as a local authority consultant, alongside supporting clients, as well as undertaking my advanced psychotherapy in transactional analysis training. I have recently completed my systemic psychotherapy training, and continue to remain curious around further research and learning. 


Outside of work I love playing and listening to music, taking walks with my wife and dog in the countryside, and have recently just had a baby which is a wonderful adventure all of its own!

About Ben

Early years trauma 



Ben Groves

Ben Groves, MSW, BA(hons), CTF, UKATA Dip - SWE and UKATA registered.

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